Happy 2019!




I make pretty much the same resolutions every year: Eat better. Exercise more. Write more. I failed miserably at all of them in 2018. I did, however, survive two of the most stressful experiences known to (wo)man – applying for a UK spouse visa for my husband (for those of you who worry about ‘migrants’, rest assured the process of securing such visa is insanely complicated, intrusive and expensive and it’s a bloody miracle anyone survives) and a house/continent move, from Cairo to England after a decade away.

Coming home, which I’d feared, has been surprisingly… right. It’s a cliché, I know, but sometimes it takes going away to really appreciate what you have, or at least to see it in new ways, plus it’s been a joy to be near my family. And this year I also embraced motherhood – or perhaps it’s embraced me – so much so that I can actually say I’m enjoying the heinous toddler years. My crazy kid makes me love and laugh a little more every day.

With all that in mind, I’m looking forward to 2019 – it’s a clean slate for new resolutions, mistakes, challenges, and friendships, and for consolidating old ones. To all of you who reach out, send messages, comment on posts – thank you. I’m not always great at responding but I appreciate it more than you know, because motherhood and working from home can make for quite an insular experience. Most of all, I wish you a wonderful and fulfilling new year. May you be more successful than me at keeping your resolutions (if you make them), may it be challenging in all the right ways, and may there be many, many opportunities for love, laughter and joy 

5 thoughts on “Happy 2019!

  1. Happy New Year Sunita! It feels like I’ve already seen the little bub, but I am yet to meet him in person. Sending you tons and tons of love and best wishes for the New Year! Hope to see you again somewhere in this little planet of ours!

    • Thank you Chi 🙂 And to you also – I’m looking forward to that next meeting too – it will happen one day. Big hugs and love from us for a wonderful new year! x

  2. dear Sunita so lovely to hear from you every now and then through the postings of coffee and cigarettes. It reminds me of us talking about quitting smoking. Spoken about resolutions I’m a happy quitter now for more than 16 months! Wish you all the best for 2019!

    • Thank you Peter – always lovely to hear from you – well done you! much love from us – hope all good and all the best for 2019! xx

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